Support to New BSE Groups


We are pleased to announce support to new BSE Groups XC, XD & XT in Eqax.

Till now BSE used to have primarily 4 Groups for stocks: A, B, T & Z

Group A – Large Cap companies, so called Blue Chips.
Group B – Small & Mid Cap companies
Group T – Mostly Small companies where Trade to Trade surveillance happens. Not worth it.
Group Z – Companies which have failed to comply with listing agreements. Not worth it, even as a gift.

There were other groups too, but only of academic value. So practically, there were only 2 Groups, A & B.

However now, BSE has split Groups B & T into further sub-groups. Broadly, B Group has got split into Groups B, XC & XD while T Group has got split into T & XT. You can get the details of the criteria from below link

Details of changes in BSE Groups

This is a welcome change. B Group was just too broad. Hence had just too much of dirt along with the gems. Based on our analysis, it is safe to say that a lot of that dirt has gone to XD group. This makes stock selection easier for retail investors.

However we also needed to make some changes in our system to utilize this. So from now on, Eqax will have 3 options for BSE Groups,

Group A – No change. Same as before
Group B / XC – We will treat Groups B & XC the same way. Only practical difference between them is that a B group company is listed in NSE too while XC is listed only in BSE.
Others – T, XT, XD, Z, M, MT, ZP and who knows what else would be here. Not worth looking. Venture here at your own risk.

Bottom-line, Thank You BSE for reducing our Universe by about 1200 stocks in theory and 500 stocks in practice. This should help the retail investor. Of course it helps our algorithms too :)

Wish you a very happy new year, full of great stock picks :)