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Past Results – Eqax Stars

Eqax Stars

The Eqax Stars is our premium service in which we do extensive filtering to provide the selected companies to the user. The filtering happens through dynamic means and at multiple levels to ensure that only the great investment opportunities get selected.

In all, we employ about 200 dynamic criteria in the process. To get a truly great stock to invest, the filtering process is so rigorous that on an average, only about 1.58% listed companies make it to the most lenient Bronze category. This number keeps on getting smaller as we go to more stringent categories.Only 0.43% companies qualify for silver and 0.17% companies qualify for Gold Category. The Platinum category which is the most stringent of all lets in less than 0.07% companies.

Please look at Graph C. This shows the Average absolute change in share price and Average change with respect to sensex of our Eqax Stars categories versus a random investment. As you can see our Bronze rated company’s performance is a jump of about 20% in absolute terms and 10% adjusted to sensex. Also as we go to stricter categories, i.e. Silver, Gold and finally Platinum, the performance keeps on increasing.

Eqax Stars 6 month Performance
Eqax Stars 6 month Hit Rate

As in Graph B & A, Graph D is similar to Graph C but it deals with profit probability rather than performance. As evident, the random investment’s probability of success is barely 36-39%. This steadily increases with every category and the Platinum starred company has the profit probability of around 80%.